Skyport Flight Training

MIGRATION Flight Training Method

The flight training offered by Tempus Training Solutions was created and designed from the ground up to change the way pilots are trained. We looked at every aspect of flight training, at every long held belief and asked why? What we found was a lot of people doing things a certain way and not knowing why. We want to change that. What this means for you is a training program like no other. You will receive the best available aviation education, delivered in the most effective media, in advanced equipment and supported by an expert staff.

Fixed Price, Predictable Time

The courses offered at Tempus Training Solutions are available at a fixed, guaranteed price. One more time, just to make sure you didn’t miss it… when we say we can get you a Private Pilot Certificate for $9,995 we mean it. The cost of each course includes all simulator, flight, exam and course software fees. Unlike other schools, we do not advertise a price based on FAA minimum hours, our price is based on what you really want, the certificate or rating. To take advantage of this fixed fee course we ask that you commit yourself to the training. Spend about five weeks with us in San Marcos and fly everyday. At the end of your time with us you will have your license in hand and be better prepared then any other newly minted pilot. For customers that can’t spend a block of time with us or have started their training elsewhere, we can build a custom program to meet your schedule and needs.

Proficiency, Not Hours

Flight School Training PhilosophyAll of the courses we provide have one goal, to make you a safe, proficient pilot. The number of flight hours it takes to get you there is of little consequence. The FAA mandates a certain minimum number of hours for every certificate or rating and due to our Part 141 certification we can recommend customers for checkrides with reduced hours. However, the biggest lie in aviation training is the myth of the minimum hour pilot. Everybody learns at a different pace and needs more practice with certain aspects of piloting an aircraft safely. By using the best training methods and equipment we can change the focus of your training to how well you actually fly the airplane, not how many hours are in your logbook. We guarantee that when you finish your training with us you will be a safe, proficient pilot. We’d even let our grandmother fly with you.

Simulator Classroom, Airplane Showroom

Flight School Training PhilosophyThe cockpit of an airplane is basically the worst place to learn how to fly an airplane. Imagine trying to learn algebra while playing a video game, riding in a row boat in the middle of the ocean, with a stereo blasting. To make it even worse, put a frustrated algebra teacher in the boat with you, looking over your shoulder. This is what most flight schools are asking you to do. The airlines, military and corporate training departments know this, that’s why their pilots train in simulators. At Tempus Training Solutions, so will you.

In addition to removing the distractions and required inefficiency (taxing, flying to the practice area) of the airplane, the simulator allows you to practice individual elements of flying. You can focus on one area at a time, then pause, get instant feedback and try again. The simulator allows you to learn the basics in less time, making flying the plane easier. By utilizing advanced full-motion simulators our customers get the most effective training leading to quicker progress and less frustration. What you learn in the simulator, you master in the airplane.

FAA Certified, Data Driven

Tempus Training Solutions is an approved Part 141 flight school. What does this mean? It means that Tempus Training Solutions is certified by the FAA to conduct flight training. The FAA regularly inspects the school’s aircraft, equipment, instructors and training programs to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations. This is the minimum standard that we are required to operate at, but as you have probably guessed, we go farther than the minimum. Our courses, polices and methods have all been rigorously studied and proven to be successful. We track every aspect of the training experience and continually strive for improvements. At it’s core, Tempus Training Solutions is a laboratory for the flight training industry. We hope the conclusions we reach here will be implemented all over the world.