Skyport Flight Training

Private Pilot- Stop Dreaming, Start Flying

Full Time: $11,500 | About 4 Weeks

The Safest, Fastest, and Most Cost Effective Way to Earn Your Wings.

The Private Pilot Course at Redbird Skyport is an FAA Approved, Part 141 Flight Training Curriculum that uses new, cutting edge airplanes, simulators, and methods to provide you with the best possible training. The end result, a Private Pilot Certificate, allows you to fly anywhere in the US with passengers in good weather.

We start with the basics, use the best tools and teaching methods, and build to more advanced tasks. Each building block of the Private Pilot Course focuses on a core skill set. Once you have mastered that skill set you will move to the next set. When you have completed all of the building blocks, you will take the Private Pilot Checkride. Our customers perform well above the national average on Checkrides because our flight training method gives you the best possible foundation of skills and knowledge. In addition to the physical skills of flight, you will learn the higher order decision making abilities that will keep you safe once you are out in the real world.

The flight training offered by Tempus Training Solutions was designed from the ground up to change the way pilots are trained. The result of these efforts is a new training method we call MIGRATION. You will receive the best available aviation education, delivered in the most effective media, in advanced equipment, and supported by an expert staff. MIGRATION has four core pillars:

  1. Fixed Price, Predictable Time
  2. Proficiency, Not Hours
  3. Simulator Classroom, Airplane Showroom
  4. FAA Certified, Data Driven

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Airplanes and Equipment

Tempus Training Solutions has the most advanced training airplanes and equipment currently available. Good equipment gives you many advantages. Advanced cockpit technology insures that you always know where you are, where other planes are and where the ground is. Cutting edge simulators let you practice complex maneuvers element by element, at your pace, then tell you where you need to improve. Innovative course materials allow you to study the way you learn best. And new stuff doesn’t break as often. Tempus Training Solutions is simply the best equipped flight school in the country.

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To enroll in the Private Pilot Course you need:

  • US Citizenship
  • About 4 Weeks to train at Skyport full time (Mon-Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm)
  • Student Pilot and Medical Certificate (What does this mean?)
  • FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test (prep software and testing included)
  • A commitment to your own success