Flight School for Pilot Training

Choosing a Flight School

Starting flight school is exciting, but choosing the right one is a big decision. The flight school you choose is critical to your success in training and as a Private Pilot. Why does the school matter so much? It comes down to safety and cost:

Flight School Safety

  1. Flying is a basically safe activity, made risky by a lack of quality training
  2. 70% of private airplane accidents are caused by the pilot*
  3. The FAA, NTSB, and major industry groups agree – quality training is the key to safety
  4. What you learn first creates a strong, almost unshakable, impression (Primacy Principle)
  5. Some flight schools are certified by the FAA, some are not


Flight School Cost

  1. 80% of Student Pilots never finish training**
  2. Most flight schools quote prices and timelines based on FAA Minimums (40 flight hours)
  3. Most people take 70 or 80 flight hours to finish**
  4. Very few flight schools offer fixed price courses
  5. The quality of your flight school directly impacts your cost and time

Don’t waste your time and money getting poor training. Make sure you ask the right questions when choosing your school. Our free Guide to Choosing a Flight School is a great place to start- Get Your Copy Now

*Source: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association – Air Safety Institute, Nall Report, 2010  
**Source: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, The Flight Training Experience, October 2010