Skyport Flight Training

A New Kind of Flight School

Redbird Skyport is the most advanced flight school in the country.

The aviation education we provide will give you the strongest possible foundation of skills – at a fixed cost and in a predictable time. We have developed an advanced, simulator-centric flight training method using new aircraft and cutting-edge simulation that will help you achieve your goals by:

  • Increasing your retention of the material
  • Accelerating your learning
  • Reducing the time and cost

Flight Training Courses

Private Pilot

3-5 Weeks

Stop Dreaming, Start Flying

Proficiency Based Training

New Aircraft

Advanced Simulation

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Instrument Rating

2-4 Weeks

Expand Your Options

Advanced Scenarios

Real World Training

Cutting-Edge Equipment

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Commercial Pilot

8-10 Weeks

Advanced Piloting Skills

Single and Multi-Engine

Tailored to Your Goals

Glass-Cockpit Training

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Professional Pilot

18-24 Weeks

Start Your Aviation Career

Fixed Cost, Efficient Training

Industry Leading Aircraft

Full-Motion Simulation

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Getting Started