Skyport Flight Training

The Future of Aviation Relies on Well-Trained Pilots

Tempus Training Solutions (located at the Redbird Skyport) offers expertise in private, instrument, commercial, and multiengine training. We break the mold by leveraging innovative technology throughout our immersion training experience, leaving pilots with more confidence, skills, and a passion for flying.

We use state-of-the-art Redbird Flight Simulation to provide consistent and affordable training programs for a wide variety of aviation professionals, including

  • UAV Operators
  • Sensor Operators
  • Special Operations
  • Proficiency-based Part 141 Pilots
  • Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multiengine Pilots
  • Electronic Warfare

For more information please contact:

Chris Arbogast, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor


Flight Training Courses

Private Pilot

About 4 Weeks

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Proficiency Based Training

New Aircraft

Advanced Simulation

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Instrument Rating

About 4 Weeks

Fly through clouds

Advanced Real World Scenarios

Glass Cockpit Training

Enhanced Airspace Navigation

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