Skyport Flight Training

A New Kind of Flight School

Redbird Skyport is the most advanced flight school in the country.
Following our FAA approved Part 141 training program, you can learn to fly for a fixed-price, in a predictable time. With full-motion flight simulators and technically advanced aircraft, Skyport’s full-time programs save you time and money on your quest to become a pilot. Here’s how:

Explain: Discuss the task with your instructor
Sim: Practice in the simulator until you meet the standard
Fly: Demonstrate the task in the airplane

It takes dedication. Skyport’s flight school isn’t for everyone, but our proficiency-based curriculum means you’ll advance quickly as you meet clear standards. Flight simulators will be your primary classroom, making your flight training more efficient. You’ll be well prepared for each flight in the aircraft, having practiced ahead of time in the sim. Full-Time, Fixed-Price programs include:

• Unlimited simulator and instructor time
• All required aircraft time
• Prep software and FAA Knowledge Test Fee
• FAA Practical Test Fee

Flight Training Courses

Private Pilot

About 4 Weeks

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Proficiency Based Training

New Aircraft

Advanced Simulation

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Instrument Rating

About 4 Weeks

Fly through clouds

Advanced Real World Scenarios

Glass Cockpit Training

Enhanced Airspace Navigation

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